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About Company

Wisertech Solutions is a leading offshore architecture firm specialising in business process optimization in Vancouver (BPA). When a company engages in a variety of business processes, such as account maintenance, data entry, decision making, and other operations, it can result in a variety of human errors, typos, delivery delays, financial consequences, and other issues.

At Wisertech Solutions, the best company for business process optimization in Vancouver, we automate processes which can attract errors and improve the turn-around time with our expectational business process automation systems.

Reasons to Opt For Electronic Business Process Optimization

Your employees make appointments, request permissions, rewrite documents and workflows, route data, and check for status updates on a daily basis. These tasks are still carried out manually in many companies. When you have to browse through several email updates, responses, and forwards to find the original version of a message, this can be a challenge. It can also be a challenge if you don't receive an approval email before everything is ready.

Can you be certain that your reporting is right when someone asks for an update? What if the sales team makes a price change but fails to update the document you're quoting from? These inefficiencies can be costly to your company. They also reduce the company's transparency, as well as jeopardise enforcement and customer loyalty.

These procedures can be automated with the help of electronic business process optimization to help relieve tension. Concerns over missing emails or someone taking a sick day are eliminated when tasks are self-automated. Companies that master automation, according to a 2017 Forester survey, will take over the market. Usually, businesses automate their processes in order to:

  • Give customers a flexible platform
  • Enforce accountability
  • Maintain a consistent work standard
  • Minimize costs
  • Allow more efficient allocation of resources
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Produce faster responses to mission-critical system problems
  • Decrease defects and manual errors
  • Keep a tab on business processes
  • Reduce human errors and variance
  • Establish a clear approval hierarchy
  • Satisfy customers and, thus, increase your business’s competitiveness
  • Improve workflows
  • Decrease the time it takes to perform repetitive tasks
  • Foster a happier and more stable workforce
  • Maintain a consistent process speed

What does real-world business process optimization look like?

Since business process optimization is one of the phases in the larger implementation of BPM, it's often confused with terms like business process enhancement and business process automation.

Here are a few examples of how business process optimization can help you save time and money.

  • Orders for goods

The buying department's queue is clogged with several purchase orders. The department believes the issue is caused by email approvals. The department uses a dedicated workflow management system to streamline requests. Employees can select an object and have it automatically sent for approval using the workflow framework.

  • Expense reimbursement

When it comes to reimbursing costs, the finance department makes a lot of mistakes. They misread numbers and refund the incorrect sum to workers because the whole process is paper-based. To address this, the department switched to a digital system in which workers fill out form fields with the appropriate number. This way, there are no transmission errors.

  • Onboarding New Employees

The process of onboarding a new employee is divided into several stages. Employee agreements are sent via email by HR executives. Following the employee's signature, the next move should be to provision assets in IT. However, each time, HR sends a manual email to IT to request laptops and tool access. An email trigger is set up to speed up the process. An email is immediately sent to IT until the employee signs and sends the employee agreement.

What We Do?

In areas such as insurance claims collection, full-service finance and accounting support, recruitment process outsourcing, and revenue cycle management, we have both personalised and structured solutions. Our customer-centric approach to discovery, design, and implementation results in the solutions we create. We provide cost-effective and flexible business processes to our clients through integrated product and service solutions. We've developed a highly oriented transformation approach that enables businesses to implement our solution smoothly and without interruption.

We provide a no-cost diagnostic analysis that includes process mapping and recommendations for improvements.

We provide a free diagnostic review, which includes process mapping and suggested improvements.

Before creating a roadmap and executing a strategy, we evaluate a company's transactional processes and determine how we can best improve their business processes. Depending on the procedure, organisations that work with us usually see a 10-40% cost savings and a 30-50% reduction in turnaround time.

Our low-cost strategies are tailored to and client's specific needs using a mix of on-site, off-site, and off-shore distribution models.

We help our clients concentrate on what they do best by providing strategic outsourcing strategies that enable them to do it more efficiently.