Apple Noted IOS 15.4, All Set To Roll Out!

Apple Noted IOS 15.4, All Set To Roll Out!

This week, Apple will be releasing its latest update iOS 15.4 Beta 1, the fourth update of iOS 15, which is expected to have a lot of new features to be enjoyed by the users. iPhone SE (2022), iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 Pro (Alpine Green) will be having pre-installed iOS 15.4 updates, apart from this, the users with iPhone 6s or later models that support iOS 15 will also be able to enjoy the new update.

Here’s the list of most significant improvements and interesting additions coming with iOS 15.4.

Face ID while masks on

It’s a piece of big news for iPhone users that Apple is adding a new feature in the Face ID setting that will allow users to unlock their devices using Face ID outdoors, keeping in mind the safety of the users. This feature will also work with regular wear glasses (if you wear them), but not with sunglasses. To apply this feature on your phone, you need to first enable the feature by going into the settings, and then place the phone at the desired angle, as this time your half face would be covered, therefore a precise angle will be required.

Addition in voice for Siri

This new addition is for American users for now, as the new voice for Siri is added, which is expected to be more gender-neutral. This voice will be the fifth voice option. To add this feature, you have to go to Siri’s search settings and select Siri Voice, ‘Voice 5’ (the new arrival of voice).

New Emoji

The new update is expected to bring more than three dozen new emojis, to be specific, a total of 37 new emojis. This includes a heart forming through hands, a melting face, lip-biting emoji, a low battery emoji, a pregnant person, and symbols like kidney beans, a jar, a lotus, and more.

Live Text Integration: Notes & Reminders

This particular feature is familiar to those who have used iOS 15 as this was added in this particular update. The Live Text feature allows the user to capture text with the camera and paste it into other apps. The Notes and Reminders app of Apple already had this feature but iOS 15.4 brought a new addition in this, where a user can now scan the text and paste it into other apps. This new Scan Text feature command would increase the integration of the text.

New authentication screen for Apple Pay and Tap-to Pay

Apple had previously introduced a feature that allows users to open Apple Pay with a double-click side button shortcut. This was a security concern for users, but Apple appears to have addressed the problem by introducing a new authentication screen. This screen serves as a security guard, requiring either your Face ID or password verification to access Apple Pay.

Apart from that, Apple’s digital wallet is slated to get a new feature called Tap-to-Pay in iOS 15.4. Users will be able to accept contactless payments straight on their phones, but only with iPhone owners. This will allow businesses to simply use an iPhone to accept payments without any other hardware.

There are a few more minor changes in Apple’s iOS 15.4 which include, the Share Play option in the Share sheet, a new notification panel for App Store, and more. Though a few features are still missing like driver’s licenses and ID cards added to the Wallet app, and payment from iPhone to iPhone. Possibly these updates will be done by Apple in the later versions.

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