Shopify’s Meaning and its Advantages

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Shopify’s Meaning and its Advantages

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that lets anyone create an online store and sell their goods.

It is becoming the most popular e-commerce platform for companies of all sizes. Shopify has you covered whether you sell online, on social media, in a store, or out of the trunk of your vehicle.

Here are some of the advantages of having a Shopify website.

  • Easy to Set Up and Use

Shopify makes it simple to set up an online store without the hassle of dealing with servers and development expenditures that come with self-hosted platforms. Because all the functionality is logically organized, the admin interface is clean, user-friendly, and intuitive. The Shopify website also has a lot of material and video tutorials; you only require products to sell.

  • No Tech Worries

To open a basic Shopify store, you don’t need any technical knowledge; Shopify provides all software and hosting. Not only does this make it easier to get started, but its hosting is likely to be faster and more secure than you could achieve on your own, and it easily handles any traffic spikes you may experience. All software updates are also handled by Shopify. As a result, you may concentrate all of your efforts on selling rather than worrying about technological concerns.

  • Shopify Sites are extremely Safe

Consumers buying online are concerned about security, with 81% indicating they would stop doing business with a company that had suffered a data breach. As online threats evolve, the challenges of effective cybersecurity are only becoming more difficult. Your users must have faith in the security procedures you put in place when dealing with sensitive data such as credit card numbers and personal information. Shopify is one of the most trusted names in e-commerce cybersecurity, and the company puts a lot of money into it.

Not only does your Shopify e-commerce site come with high-level baseline security, but you can also use the Shopify app store to integrate extra third-party security tools.

  • Reliable and Secure

If you run an e-commerce store, you’ll be dealing with personal information such as credit card numbers, as well as restless consumers. This means that your website must be quick, secure, and accessible at all times. One of the major benefits of a hosted solution is its dependability. Shopify will handle all server maintenance and upgrades for you, ensuring that your store and shopping cart are always available and that pages load quickly.

SSL certificates can be activated in your store to encrypt all data and send it over a secure connection, and Shopify will handle PCI compliance for you (required when you deal with credit cards).

  • 24/ 7 Customer Support available

Customer service is a priority for Shopify. They are available 24/7, with a quick reaction time, ensuring that your business is never left alone. You can contact Shopify by phone, email, or live chat. There are also many community forums, extensive documentation in the Shopify Help Centre, and some sophisticated Shopify University guides available.

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