Top 5 WordPress Plugins for e-commerce websites

best free wordpress plugins for ecommerce

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for e-commerce websites

WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce

Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce – You might be having a social media handle, right? If you actively explore your handle, you’ll find that nearly EVERY blog post link you see is created on WordPress. Approximately 70 MILLION new posts are created on WordPress every month (which is nearly 2,333,333 posts every day)! Isn’t that crazy!

There are approximately 2,940,000 searches for WordPress every month!

Gaining so much of popularity globally, WordPress becomes an excellent option for developing a user-friend e-commerce website. The platform is free and with so many searches every day, there is no better resort for commercial blog posts and communication. If you too are planning for a WordPress website, here are some of the best plugins that you should give a try for developing an e-commerce WordPress website.

Why WordPress?

With its inception in 2003, WordPress has been able to develop an insane user-base and gaining public attention. Young writers, readers, businesses, and start-ups actively handle WordPress websites because of the wide range of tools it provides. Why only WordPress design and development

  • WordPress is enjoying 61.8% of the CMS market.
  • According to, WordPress powers 35% of the total web.
  • Nearly 1.1 million new websites are created on WordPress every 6 months.
  • WordPress provides an option to choose from 196 languages.
  • WordPress has surpassed twitter in “number of visits” with 163 million visitors every month. (twitter has 156 million visitors per month)

With its unmatched data management, WordPress development becomes a highly user-friendly platform, making the best option for an e-commerce website. Without taking much time, let’s get into the hottest e-commerce plugins for WordPress in 2020.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for e-commerce websites

Here’s a list of some amazing WordPress plugins used by WordPress development companies for developing e-commerce websites.

#1.  WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most reliable WordPress plugins when it comes to e-commerce. The plugin has the potential of converting a bland disengaging WordPress website into a full-fledged e-commerce store, enhancing the user engagement on your website.

WooCommerce was acquired by Automatic in 2015 after which the plugin began to rule WordPress. According to the statistics, the plugin powers over 8% of the e-commerce websites on WordPress and nearly 21% of the most popular 1 million websites.

The plugin allows the user to develop an extensive e-commerce store, ranging from a couple of products to a collection of thousands of items. It also facilitates unlimited visitors and products, which gives you another reason to go for WooCommerce.

#2.  Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce in Cart66 Cloud

Here is a minimalistic, yet extremely useful e-commerce plugin for those looking for developing an extravagant WordPress website without crushing themselves under a bundle of complex plugins.

An e-commerce website requires the use of several add-ons to equip it with considerable features. Cart66 Cloud realized the complexity in making a robust WordPress e-commerce website and thus, developed a WordPress plugin with an immense range of in-built add-ons making WordPress development much simpler than ever before.

Another appreciable highlight of Cart66 Cloud is its provision for a customized and configurable marketplace for vendors. Though the marketplace is not that popular among the buyers, still may prove to be beneficial at some point in time.

#3.  Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Easy Digital Downloads or EDD is a comprehensive e-commerce plugin equipped with all the features you need to manage and sell your digital products on WordPress. The plugin has a user-oriented interface, which is much more informative and minimalistic than that offered by WooCommerce.

EDD is the perfect platform for selling digital products like e-books, PDFs, AV files, etc. The prime reason for the popularity of the plugin in digital product selling is its free core plugin. The user just needs to install the plugin on his website and he’s ready with a wholesome sales platform, loaded with features like file access control, discount codes, activity tracking, and much more.

The user can upgrade to the premium version of the plugin to gain access to all the features of EDD. The premium begins with USD199 per year and goes up till USD899 per year. The premium user gets access to features like full customer support, site licenses, and much more, along with some of the most useful integrations like payment gateways and email marketing.

#4.  Best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce on WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is an excellent substitute for WooCommerce, providing identical dashboard design and pricing models. And just like other EDD, the core plugin is free and the user can buy additional packs to gain access to add e-commerce features.

WP eCommerce terms its premium pack as Gold Cart, which is available at a price of USD99 for a single site. You can access the features like premium payment gateway, live searches, grid view of products, and much more.

Although WooCommerce and WP eCommerce can be termed as a substitute for each other, both of them have their pros and cons. For example, WooCommerce provides the option for product reviews free of cost, while the user needs to pay for the option if he wants to use the feature.

#5.  BigCommerce WordPress Plugins for eCommerce

BigCommerce WordPress plugin is among the most popular WordPress plugins used for e-commerce. The plugin was launched a few years ago but has been undergone several major improvisations like content management, hosting, and much more.

BigCommerce is proffered by several WordPress e-commerce and if you too are looking forward to an amazing WordPress e-commerce store, the plugin is for you.

Ecommerce web design Vancouver

E-commerce is one of the most rapidly growing sectors with more and more businesses switching from conventional businesses to online businesses. Vancouver web design companies offer extravagant e-commerce websites to give a head start to your business and give you uncountable opportunities to grow.

WordPress has proved to be an exceptional platform for building an e-commerce store. These plugins will help you load your WordPress website with the most useful features and payment options. Thus, going for these plugins may prove to be the most fruitful investment and help you build an extensive e-commerce empire.

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