How to Make SEO Friendly Website

SEO Friendly Website

How to Make SEO Friendly Website

How to Make SEO Friendly Website – If you are already on this page, you might already have an idea as to what SEO is all about. You might have already worked on optimizing various websites with keyword research – pick the keywords, use them, write the copy and it is all good. 

Well, though it sounds simple, that is just not it! The main goals every SEO Company needs to focus on when optimizing a homepage are, 

– To explain what the brand/website/company does to both Google and humans

– To build an effective and user-friendly website structure

– To answer the key questions users might have by using unique and rich content

If you read the above points once again, you will realize that by accomplishing the goals, you can appeal to both humans and the search engines at one go. 

SEO Friendly Website Design

Though there are quite many ways to Designan SEO Friendly Website, the procedure starts to seem very simple when you start doing it. A few core components make a homepage SEO friendly, and let us have a look at what they are – one by one. 

The Logo and Website Navigation

Though this is a very basic step, it is worth mentioning as just a reminder. The inclusion of a logo is important as it improves the identity of your brand. For easy navigation, the focus needs to be on the important sections of your website. 

When you create a homepage with easy navigation, it makes it easy for the users to find what they need, and it helps Google understand the theme of your brand. Just make sure you do not overdo this part. A simple, creative logo and easy navigation will do the trick. 

Explain About Your Brand/Company

This is of utmost importance. Every business website needs to explain all about the products or services offered by a company/brand. But, there are two things you need to keep in mind before you do this. 

Firstly, you need to be very clear about what the brand is offering. This is important because the visitors should not have any doubt in the mind about the product or service after checking the website. In simple terms, you need to focus on your USP. 

Secondly, you need to fill the website with rich content. By rich content, we mean that the homepage of your website should have at least 400 words of unique, high-quality content, which speaks about the brand. 

The Keyword Incorporation

Now that we are finally talking about the keywords, let us learn about a secret. Never try to rank your website for just one keyword. There is a better approach to achieve what you are aiming for. 

Start by focusing on a subset of keywords, just a handful, and try ranking for them. You also need to make sure that the keywords you choose should be related to your theme or your brand. 

The right choice of keywords will act as a cue to search engines and will work wonders for the overall SEO of your website. 


Headers should never be ignored if you want to achieve it big with SEO. You really want to take complete advantage of the headers, especially those on the homepage. Businesses can make use of targeted keywords in the headers, in a more natural way. However, make sure you do not overdo them. 

But, what is the right way of doing it? 

Start by using just an H1 tag at the top, and this needs to be picked up based on your business and the content you offer. Once that is done, you can use the H2 or the H3 headers as required. Whatever the headers you use, always ensure to maintain the logical flow. 

Make it Visual Centric

It is a proven fact that humans respond well to visual-centric content better when compared to just text. So, web development company can make use of some images to add an extra appeal to the content. 

But, let us elaborate on it a little. Experts suggest that the images can be used along with a few text blocks. By this, the page looks attractive and provides the needed details at the same time. 

Use Videos

If you are ready to add that extra magical touch to the website to make it visual-centric, you can take a step further, and include videos along with the text. Choose a video that can easily resonate with the readers, as it can create some unexpected backlinks. 

The Links

A discussion about SEO tips or techniques is incomplete without talking about links. Most of the website owners are often confused about the right number of internal links to use or to use any.

Remember that internal links are an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. The homepage of a website can include a few relevant internal links. These links can be added towards the bottom and can aid with easy user navigation. 

Meta Descriptions

A very important detail often missed by everyone is the inclusion of meta description. The meta description you use should include the name of your company/brand and the services or products you offer. Words that capture the attention of the buyers or readers should also be included in the same.

Meta descriptions help search engines understand your website better, and provide a glimpse of what your site has to offers.


One of the vital elements to be included in the homepage is the CTA, and you need to put in a lot of effort into the same. Make sure that the CTA you use is clear, crisp, and direct. 


The website is the face of a business online, and it needs to be clean, user-friendly, appealing and should reflect the vision and mission of the brand. However, just launching a website does not do the trick. For the website to be found on the internet, you need to work around some SEO magic. Experts can efficiently optimize a website that satisfies the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

Therefore, take some time to focus on SEO on your website, and reach the target audience, beyond boundaries. Remember that you can always hire an best seo agency to do the job for you!

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