Best Platform for Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development

Best Platform for Ecommerce Website Development

Best Platform for Ecommerce Website Development – Online shopping has dominated the global audience. Almost every person has used an e-commerce website to purchase a product or service. Having an e-commerce website adds another element to the business and most businesses do thrive on these profits.

Unlike major corporations like Amazon or eBay who have huge departments to handle the clockwork of the platform, smaller companies don’t have such freedom. The best approach a growing company can take besides undertaking large IT overheads is an e-commerce development platform. 

What is an ecommerce website development platform?

Take an example of an offline retail store, during a purchase or sell there are a lot of processes and procedures that have to be followed. Bills have to be generated, inventory has to be updated, accounts have to be maintained, and various payment systems need to be present, so on and so forth. A similar set of processes apply when a business moves online and sometimes even more.

These operations require incredible computational knowledge to execute. An e-commerce development platform carries all this weight on its shoulder so that you can focus on the essentials. Ecommerce development platforms, in addition to website design and development, provides the option of cart creation for online transactions. They are simple to handle and merely require any coding expertise.

What should an e-commerce development platform comprise of?

There are some prerequisites that an eCommerce website development platform must consist of. These factors will ease up functionality and will support the overall business.

1.  Affordable pricing:

Pricing on these platforms can vary significantly, from being free to monthly subscriptions. A budding company cannot invest a huge amount of capital into such sites when there are other important monetary tasks in hand. The pricing displayed should be full and final and shouldn’t contain hidden expenses. Comparing the features and the pricing offered is a good way to filter down the list.

2.  Multiple payment options:

There are numerous payment options in the world, from regular VISA and MasterCard to PayPal and bitcoins and users would like to have a similar choice on a website. A good e-commerce platform must have sufficient payment options to cater to a wide group of audience. Another added benefit is whether the platform can translate globally with multiple currency conversions. Multiple payment options can mean lesser wait time which in turn means faster sales.

3.  Variety of designs:

There are numerous amounts of websites online and if every one of them was visually and mechanically the same, then people would lose interest fast. When a website is designed it completely revolves around the ideas of the owner, this could represent individual personality or a company theme. An e-commerce platform should be able to provide diverse and dynamic themes and designs to the company. Besides this, there must be a good amount of customization freedom too.

4.  Control:

It is true that when you are using an eCommerce web development platform your reliance is on a third-party system. However, this should not mean that the platform governs complete control over your business, which is legally and morally wrong. There should be utmost control over the functionality of the website, from creating to execution and the platform shouldn’t intervene in any way.

5.  Support:

It is certain that during the process of e-commerce website creation, there will be roadblocks now and then. For a bigger company, the IT division can easily handle these problems but for smaller ones it is tough. The eCommerce website development platform must have a good support system that is easy to access and doesn’t only rely on automated help. Since most businesses that register on a platform will be from all over the world, the support facility must also be available at any time.

6.  Scalability:

Growth in a business is very evident and with this comes in new incorporations and expansion. This will also reflect on how the company handles transactions, therefore an e-commerce development platform must be able to support this growth effectively.

Some of the best ecommerce website development platforms

(A) Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular and reputed e-commerce platforms. This platform has a plethora of features like in-house payment processing systems, numerous themes, user-friendly interface, customizability, etc. The site includes payment options for digital wallets too, like Google pay or Apple pay. The site goes with monthly subscriptions and with prices increasing on the incorporation of additional features.

(B) BigCommerce

This platform like the name suggests can house mammoth-sized transactional operations. The site is well-designed making usage a smooth process. BigCommerce is suitable for people who do not know to code and also to coders. It gives leeway for personal customization through HTML and CSS. Its low cost is inclusive of all the main features and additional ones too.

(C) WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a little different from the bunch. It acts as a plugin that allows you to incorporate the e-commerce setting on a website. This is a great system for users who have developed a website using WordPress. The plugin is free with a good amount of features, including many templates, an interactive cart. This allows any WordPress development company to have a whole e-commerce system.

(D) Weebly

This is an all-in-one system, with web designing features, e-commerce integration, and a hosting platform. The pricing for the platform is very flexible and even has a money-back option. Weebly offers a good support system for a WordPress development Vancouver or any other country since they are present 24×7.

(E) 3dcart

Founded in 1997, this e-commerce platform still presents its users with a strong solution to refine e-commerce integration. It supports usability across any device and also has a good SEO-friendly presence. The base pricing includes most of the features available on an e-commerce platform and the higher pricing adds more elements.


Having a place where users can purchase certain services or products from a company is highly advantageous. Neither the user nor the owner wants to be bogged down by technical constraints or complex designs, that will make navigating hard. E-commerce development platforms offer the right solutions to these problems. The platforms offer services to any geography be it ecommerce web design Vancouver or Nigeria. Therefore, enhance your business with these platforms, and never again would you have to worry about transactional miseries.

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