Top 5 Mobile App Development Programming Language

Top 5 Mobile App Development Programming Language

Before we skip to the main content directly, first, we should know the meaning of Mobile Application Development.

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile Application Development is the creation of the process involved in the writing of software that is to be run on mobile devices and other hand-held devices. Mobile apps are used to take advantage of the unique features of a particular mobile device.

In recent times, the most known and prominent mobile applications are iOS and Android from Apple and Google, respectively. The devices and phones come pre-loaded with essential applications like a web browser and other apps, and if you want other applications then there are play stores or app stores inbuilt in devices.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Programming Language

If you are going to start your career as a Mobile App Developer then you should be aware of the various development languages available and which one is the right choice for you to start your career.

As we can see the innovation of human beings has increased their dependency on gadgets, which is only increasing day by day, mobile phones are one such device that is now an essential part of every individual. As the demand for mobile phones increases so does the demand for app developers.

While there are many programming languages available, not all of them are suitable for app development. That is why it is crucial to understand the various options and pick the best programming language that will enable you to not only create apps but also to become a more all-around app developer.

So let’s dive in to see the top five programming languages for Mobile App Development.

  1. JavaScript

Java Script is a programming language that is often abbreviated as JS. This is the number one language of the web. The frameworks and libraries like jQuery, and Angular JS are based on JavaScript, which makes this language worth learning. Over 97% of websites use this language on the client-side for web page behavior.

This development language is an entirely full-stack language used for the development of backend servers, GUI, and mobile apps. Also, this language is known for its universal appeal and, hence there is a scope for JavaScript developers.

  • Java

Java is another popular, effective, and primarily server-side programming language used for creating backend servers and Android apps. It can be used for various other platforms including desktops, televisions, web browsers, mobile phones, and many more.

This programming language is easy to start for beginners as this is easy to dive in initially and get a hold of. Also, there are many processes that work on their own and the developer had not to delve deep to know its working process.

  • Swift

Swift is a powerful, intuitive, and official programming language for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It has a great integrated development environment which is self-contained and named, Xcode. Apart from this, the language is easy and simple to read, comprehend, and code in.

This also detects the mistakes, if done, at compiled time. Swift can also be used for server-side operations. Though this is still a new notion for various firms as they have their frameworks to work upon, therefore it can be a bit difficult to get used to this.

  • Kotlin

Kotlin is the official app development language for Android apps. It is a modern statistically typed programming language with cross-platform which is used by professional Android developers.

This is a programming language that you should learn because of its clear language with modern features, checked exceptions, is type-safe and has good tooling and community support. Though, compilation speed is slower than Java but still used by 60% of professional Android developers.

  • Dart

Dart is a programming language used for developing fast apps on any platform. It is an object-oriented, open-source, class-based programming language with C-style syntax. It is used for server and client-side web development and is also being used for Cross and Native-sided platform mobile development.

It is a programming language that is easy to learn when used with the C-syntax style. It is also super friendly and helpful with easily shareable codes across the web and mobile apps. Though the backend server is relatively low, but this is a language that an app developer should try their hands on.


These were the top 5 programming languages for Mobile App Development that you should know and learn about. There is much scope in terms of job opportunities and to be successful, consistency is the key.

So become a master in app development through these languages and enjoy developing!

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